Easter Island

The “Easter Island” holiday home in Kaltene was designed by the architect Zaiga Gaile, and it is an asylum that is based on minimalism. The house lives in harmony with nature.


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A living space nurtured by the cult architect Zaiga Gaile for herself and her family, with elegant minimalism between land and sea.

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A house with a special story.

A jewel of global architecture in a unique place.

Purity of style and minimalism.

The highest standards of modern comfort.

A unique collection of interior design objects.

The port is registered in the international register of ports as a private seasonal yacht port.



The “Weekend House in Kaltene” project was a finalist at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore.


An international architectural prize

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design


The Latvian annual architecture prize

“Best Reconstruction”


The cultural heritage award

"The best modern solution in an historical environment"

1st prize in the category “Reconstruction”

The Latvian Builders’ Association competition “Best building in Latvia 2007”

The layout of the building

The building has three parts. At the centre is a big hall, which has a two-storey flat for the owners at one end, and then four two-storey guest flats at the other end.


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Overall territory


Information about the project

The house has a garage for two cars, the manager’s flat above the garage, five bedrooms (one master bedroom and four guest rooms), five work rooms (one in the manager’s flat and four in the guest rooms), and a living room with a kitchen and leisure zone.

Design: 2006 – reconstruction of fish farm pumping station
Construction: 2007–2010
Construction company: SIA “PS Serviss”
Land: 10.067 m2

Floor space of weekend home: 514.2 m2
Floor space of swimming hall: 52.45 m2
Village of Kaltene, Roja Parish, Talsi District
Architects: Zaiga Gaile and Agnese Sirmā
Client: Māris Gailis

Technical specifications


  • Three-phase cable with 120 A of power.
  • Back-up 32 kW power generator that switches on automatically.
  • A diesel fuel lighthouse (1 m3) ensuring generator operation for one week.
  • Permission to use excise-free diesel fuel.


  • “Lattelecom” optic cable, telephone, high-speed Internet connection, interactive TV.
  • Security and fire alarm system, as well as video surveillance.
  • Connection to “Evor” security control panel and a rapid response security base 8 km away.


  • Delivery from a 60-m artesian well. Usage of 3 l/sec.
  • Equipment that mechanically filters water, decontaminates it from various metallic impurities, as well as softening it.

Heat and hot water

  • A 40 kW heat pump.
  • Hot water pipes in the floor.
  • Hot water prepared with the heating pump and, during the summer, solar panels, with the panels supporting heating during the spring and the autumn, thus reducing electricity consumption.
  • Hot water in the sauna prepared with an electric heater.


  • Biological purification system that pumps purified water on the island.


  • Natural ventilation in each room, mechanical ventilation in lavatories.
  • Air flows into the living room along a 100 m underground pipeline, heating up during the winter and cooling down during the summer.


Kaltene is a village in the Roja Administrative District by the sea. It is located on the western shore of the Gulf of Riga, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Kaltene is 119 km from Riga and 7 km from the nearest town, Roja. Kaltene beach is a unique place, where one can relax undisturbed throughout the year. In winter, Kaltene beach is especially quiet – one rarely encounters holidaymakers here, and in summer it is a true leisure oasis. The fresh sea air and view of the broad horizon generate a sense of freedom than one cannot enjoy in the big city.

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Easter Island

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